Leal School - Monarchs-In-Space-Project

Welcome to Leal School's Monarchs-In-Space-Project.  Visit this site regularly during the months of November and December to get updates about how the monarch caterpillars are doing in our classes and how their development compares to that of the monarch caterpillars in space.  Six classes at Leal will participate in the project so we will generate lots of interesting data! 

We will use the blog page to answer any questions you might have.  You can submit comments or questions by clicking on a blog-post heading and then a comment box should appear.  You can also submit questions to Marianne Alleyne (she is both a Leal Mom and an Entomologist) by e-mailing her at wham2004-at-yahoo.com. 

We will use the individual class pages to post pictures of the caterpillars as well as the measurements that the students will be taking.  If you want to see how the caterpillars in space are doing visit the monarchs in space photo gallery.

The national Monarchs-in-Space Program web-page has most of the background information on Monarch development.  And if you want to know more about this Shuttle mission check out the The Shuttle Program's web-page or wikipedia-page.

For starters, check out the two videos to the right and think about how weightlessness might affect the monarch's lifecycle.  

Is there gravity on the moon or in space?

Yes, gravitational forces exist everywhere in the universe

Click here for an article on the NASA website especially geared to kids K-4.


If you are unable to access youtube try clicking on these mov-files to watch the videos (especially the monarch development video will take a little while to download - and apologies for the watermark - we are running on a small budget here ;( )


monarchdevelopment.mov monarchdevelopment.mov
Size : 41.162 Kb
Type : mov
Weightlessness.mov Weightlessness.mov
Size : 23.302 Kb
Type : mov

Note to parents: NO school or classroom funds were used for this project at Leal school.  

The rearing kits and rearing chambers were generously donated by Leal parents.  If you want to show your appreciation please consider donating to monarchwatch.com.  You can find information about them here, and instructions on how to donate here(Don't forget to mention this "space" project at Leal School)

But the biggest "thank you" is to encourage your children to share their thoughts with you about the research they are doing!

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