Yesterday the caterpillars in space pupated.  You can see the pictures here.  The most recent pictures are first and then if you scroll back you can see in reverse how quickly they did it (a picture is taken every half an hour)

On earth, monarch caterpillars find a place to hang from.  They attach to a branch or leaf while upside down and then start making their chrysalis (their body is in a j-shape). 

It looks like the space caterpillars did a similar thing.  They did not care about not being able to tell up from down.  They found a surface to attach their back end to, then made the j-shape and made their chrysalis.  They each did it on a different surface of their cage.  Yeah, monarchs!

I expect that some of the caterpillars in your class will have pupated by the time you get back from Thanksgiving break.

That reminds me: Happy Thanksgiving!