As I am writing this there are only 16 h, 25 min and 30 sec, no 29, no go until Atlantis' lift-off.  I think the caterpillars are already on board since fueling will start soon.  The caterpillars are somewhere at the tip of the shuttle.  They probably do not have much of a view since there are no windows there.  Actually, they are going to be pretty much in the dark for 2-3 days until they get to the International Space Station - their new home. 

Image above: As the sun sets behind Launch Pad 39A at NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida, the rotating service structure has been moved away from space shuttle Atlantis. Photo credit: NASA/Troy Cryder

Meanwhile, here on earth, some of the new arrivals have not been doing so well.  The diet was very moist and some of the caterpillars drowned, others moved away from the diet and never found it of a caterpillar can be hard.  I will try to replace some of the dead caterpillars with healthy ones.  The ones that have been good about staying near the diet and feeding have grown quite a bit. 

OK guys, a few words for the brave caterpillars at Kennedy Space Center: at lift-off remember the famous words by King Julian "Put you hands (prolegs in your case) up, it is is more fun like this"!