I was getting a little worried.  We had not seen any pictures of the caterpillars in space for a few days.  I was wondering if they were behind those false alarms on the space-shuttle - maybe they were trying to trick NASA and pulled/pushed the alarm...probably not.

But today some new pictures of the caterpillars were posted, and the guys look HUGE. 

Here is a picture of the one caterpillar I still have at my house (the ones in your classrooms may be bigger)

and one of the caterpillars in space.

Shuttle crew has been busy with 2 space walks, they will do one more tomorrow, so today they get to relax.  And celebrate, because one of the austronauts, Space shuttle Atlantis Mission Specialist Randy Bresnik, is a new father.  Little Abigail will have to wait on meeting her Dad until he returns to earth later this week.

Greetings, M.