My family and I took a break from the usual Thanksgiving-weekend activities (which mostly involve sleep, food, relaxation and some more food) to watch the Space Shuttle's return to earth.  It is still amazing to me that this "plane" that went into space is able to land back on earth. 

The crew is happy to be back.  Especially Nicole Stott, who had been at the ISS for a few months.  This is what the pilot had to say: "After being asked if there were any memories that stood out, Pilot Barry E. Wilmore jokingly said, "I feel great (but) I had noticed that many of the buildings here are on a little bit of a teeter-totter that I didn't know before." Wilmore was referring to coming back to Earth's gravity after being weightless in space.

I wonder if they will miss the monarch caterpillars/pupae they left behind? 

The pupae are still hanging out on the space station.