Things were a little slow in space the last few week or so.  Watching a chrysalis is a lot like watching paint dry :) 

But today, one of the most amazing biological phenomena happened on the International Space Station.  Beautiful butterflies eclosed from the chrysalis.  The only word I can think of to describe this is: AWESOME!

The website shows you a progression of pictures that shows how the butterflies emerged. 

And here is actual video of one of the butterflies floating/flying (?) in space.

Today Becky and I visited most of your classes - you are all doing a great job taking care of the Monarchs.  Interesting observation:  Class rooms on the north-side of the building (Huff and Maloney) have caterpillars that only now are pupating.  Why do you think this may be?  Overall, our caterpillars are not developing as fast as the ones in space.  Why?

Greetings, M.