Leal School Monarchs-In-Space-Project

Ms. Ferguson's class - Second Week - Part One (Click here for Part Two)

This is what our caterpillars, and the ones in space, looked like on November 23rd

On Earth this is what monarch caterpillars look like: 

This is what caterpillars (and caterpillar frass) looks like in space: 

Just FYI, and to impress your family at the Thanksgiving dinner table, frass is the entomological term for insect poop.  To learn more, click here

This week we worked on our KWL charts.  K stands for knowing - we wrote down what we knew about monarchs.  W stands for want - what do we want to know/learn about monarchs that we do not know yet? L is for Learn - what have we learned from the lesson?  The lesson was reading the informational book "Monarch Butterflies" by Emilie Lepthien. 

 Below you can admire our KWL charts - which are shaped like our monarch caterpillars!

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