Leal School Monarchs-In-Space-Project

During the first week of our experiment (when caterpillars were riding on the shuttle and then settled in on the space station) we made some predictions about what will happen to them while in space... 

Monday November 16 - Some pictures of our experimental set-up and of the caterpillars

Wednesday Nov 18 - in our class...


How will the caterpillers servive. How wil the caerpillers flote. How will the caterpillers eat. How will the caterillers live. I feel scared because I am scared fo heits.


If I was a caterpillar and I was going to space I would not now which way is up or down. I would be floting. I would be in a space shuttle. They will feed me milkweed. I would be small. If they poot a plant in the cage I would go to the top and eat it.


How the caterpillars will stay allive. If I was a cterpillar I would make a cysallis If I was a caterpillar in space I would put my space suit on and go on the moon and float on the moon and then I would go in my crysalis and be a butterfly and fly in the space shuttle then I would go to sleep and then the next I would go to Atlantis then pick up a person and it would be supersuper fun. I would want to go there again and again and again.


I would wigll around. I would make a cocoon aon the top of the box. I would be so I csitider. I would be so so happy. I would war a space soot. I would miss my Mom. I would not like my mom staing away. I would miss my friends. I would miss my bruter. I would miss my sisy. I would miss my home. When I get on the space ship I would be sad.


I would be happy be cus I cud is the thegs. But being in space is cool I would not like being away from my mom and dad.

 Our Concrete Poetry:


Monday November 16 - was the day that Space Shuttle Atlantis went back to space with caterpillars, like ours, on board

...and in space (the caterpillars arrived safely at the Space Station)

Imagine you are one of the caterpillars going up into space. Use descriptive words to write about how you are feeling and what you are thinking about. Then draw and color a picture at the bottom of the page.


If I was a caterpilla going up in space I would be floating. I woud drink nectar and eat milkweed. I might make a chrysalis pretty soon. I will wear a little butterfly astronaut suit. I will be in a cage and the cage will be floating. Im going to miss my mom. I going to be excited. My friends are going to be coming with me. Im going to the moon in space. Or im going to go to plotea. Im goin to have so much fun. Theres going to be a lot of jobs in the rocket. Theres going to be a lot of astronauts.


If I was one of the caterpillars I whould feel realy tikley. Why? Bechase the space shutle will be moving around the galaxy. It migh be scary to you but it's fun to me!!! It's fun to see and count all the planets. If you count all the planets ther will be nine. Then we will turn into a crisalis. The n we will turn into a beutif orange and yellow and black buter fly!!!! Whold you like to go to space?


If I were a monarch caterpillar and I was going to space I would be happy gland and thankfull. I would be thinking Im lucky for them to pick me. I'd miss my home and my family. But I'd still go.


If I were the caterpillars going to space, I would think about making my cocon at the bottom it would be fun. Or maybe make my cocon in the mittle. I would feel scard in that big ol rocet. I would defenetly be scard. Would you be scard? So I also would feel a little happy. Would you feel happy? Just a little.


that will feel creepy if I was a small thing and went up to space. But maybe it will be fun. Maybe it will be funny. Maybe it will be scary. I will not no wich way is up or down. Maybe it will be drk. Or maybe light. Maybe I will cry. Or maybe I will be happy.


I am a caterillar going up in space and I will feel happy because it is going to be soo fun and I can imagine that I have some friends. Then I will feel happy and I still can imaginge that I will become a butterfly.


If I was a caterpillar in space I would feel awsome, cool, fat, big, tall, nice, not knowing wich ways up, free, controld, I would feel light. And floating.


If I where a caterpiller I would like Space. Space is cool. It is very high. But leafs are grous, and I would feel happy, and I would make a crysalis. And I would eat some thing grous but I don't think it would feel good on a space shuttle. But I like space.


If I were in space I would cry because I would miss my mom. IF I were in space I would be thinking of butterlies and my friends. If I were in space Ill be shy to go up in space.


If I was one of the caterpillars going to space I would be confused I would feel sad. I would crawl around. I would eat a lot. I would float.


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